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Hey guys with small cocks! I'm one of those girls who say size matters! Ya know, the BIGGER the BETTER! I wanna feel that s-t-r-e-t-c-h when a dick slides into my pussy, and I only want to talk to guys with BIG dicks. BUT since so many of you small weenie boys keep calling me, I decided to make a special line for all of you dorks. Yeah, you have to pay more to talk to me, but hey... a girl's gotta get some kind of fulfillment from a guy, and the only fulfillment I can get outta your pants is the money in your wallet.

So, go ahead and call me, loser. I'll do my best not to barf while you tell me about your lil dickling. I'm serious when I say I love BIG DICKS! I only fuck black guys with HUGE cocks, so don't get any ideas that you'll have a chance with me. I'm sure your dick is smaller than 9 inches, and that means you just don't measure up. Too bad, so sad! Aww!

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If you plan on emailing me pics of your disgusting tiny peepee, you'll need to compensate me for the horror my eyes will see. Better yet, even if you don't email pics and just tell me on the phone about your wimpy stick, you should still pay the penalty. The smaller your dick, the bigger your tip.
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