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The first time I noticed my best friends father looking at me in a "not so fatherly" way it made my heart beat faster. I suddenly felt sexy, desired, craved and I decided to see how far I could push it. It was summer and we were swimming in my best friends pool, as I climbed up the ladder to get out I saw her father looking at me his hand on his cock, it was subtle, but it was there. I paused at the top of the ladder as I felt my bikini bottoms clinging to my ass and partly wedged in the crack of my ass. I had known this man throughout my years in high school and it suddenly excited me that I had this effect on him. I could tell through his sunglasses he was taking it all in and the thought made my pussy wet. I stuck my index fingers under the elastic of my wet bikini bottoms and slowly pulled the material from my ass and as I did I made sure to pull just hard enough to show him the top of my ass crack, where the roundness that comes with maturity began to protrude in a sexy curved manner. He tried to hide his hard cock but I could see how hard it was, and how subtly he was rubbing it while he stared at me from behind those sunglasses. I walked over to him, my nipples were protruding significantly and even with the wet bikini you could see every bump and its full roundness. My wet hair dripping water down my cleavage and into my belly button. I asked him if he had time could he drive me home soon, and he smiled and said, "of course sweetie". I put on my very high cut skirt over my bikini bottoms and just left on the bikini top, and we got into his car. As we drove the car was silent for a while. My nipples were still rock hard and protruding as much as they could, I saw him glance over and it was obvious he still noticed them. He asked how my 18th birthday went, and I told him it was great and he asked if I was serious with anyone. His eyes seemed to light up when I said I was dabbling rather than settling yet. I never noticed how rugged and handsome he was, I had a crush on him once a long time ago, but it was an innocent youthful crush, nothing more. NOW....
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