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Badger finally has one for the ladies!

Hello ladies!

I've been told that I need to do a listing for the ladies, so here it is!

Ladies, are you tired of all those wishy-washy Allen Alda guys out there?

The kind of guys who just roll over and have no guts at all? Spineless little gorms who have no idea how to treat a lady let alone what to do with one? The kind of feebs who think that opening doors and political correctness is a substitute for romance and passion?

Don't you desire to be treated like a woman for a change? Not beat up and abused.. unless you enjoy that.. but appreciated for who and what you are?

Give me a call, and let a real man take the reins for awhile!

I can be soft and gentle, in an unapologetic and mature kind of way. I can ravish you and leave you moaning in breathless passion. I can listen and I can talk. I can be the big dog who leaves all those puppies you're used to dealing with in shame!

Do you need to be reminded how beautiful you are? How desirable? Do you need to know that you turn a real man on?

Do you want to be held? Do you want to be wined and dined? Are you a wanton party girl who needs a hot night out on the town? Maybe you just need to be a little girl again and curl up in someone's lap.

I specialize in, but am not limited to:

  • Romance
  • Passion
  • Listening
  • Fantasies
  • Roll Playing
  • Fetishes
  • Anything you can think of

What the right woman, there are no limits!

So forget all these losers and wimps and give me a call. I'm a real guy who loves what I do, not just some idiot working in a cube hoping to scrape a few coins together. My goal, my mission is to make sure you have a great time!

Give me a try, you know you want to!