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Scream 4 Poison Ivy

Ask for permission to taste my Poison

Taste the poison of Ivy

About time you showed up, I see you found me. I'm Mistress Ivy.... known as "Poison Ivy". Are you sitting behind your desk typing with one hand and rubbing your aroused cock with the other? Remove your hand, sit up straight and listen clearly... I am in control. That's right, Mistress Ivy will tell you when to wrap your hand around your shaft and stroke it up and down with the rhythm of your heart beat. You will follow my directions of how I want you to feel the pleasure I think you deserve. If I feel that you are not worthy of my directions you will not feel any pleasure at all. You will only get a taste of my wicked poison that will flow through your veins that will control each and every move you make.
You can try to beg me, plead to me and worship me with gifts.... but if I feel you are not worthy, I will laugh and deny you of any sexual pleasure at all for as long as I determine. I do as I please and I get what I want.... no matter if it causes you aching pain and throbbing blue balls.
By now you should know that you must obey me. Your desire of any sexual pleasure belongs to me and before you start to get aroused or even turned must call Mistress Ivy to ask permission to stroke your cock and release my wicked poison that flows through your veins.
Call me to see if you get permission!