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Jill downs

Lets play raise the rate game!

My favorite game in the whole world is raise the rate game, my second is the "tribute" game. Don't call me and pretend that you don't know how to play this game, and if you really don't know how to play, I hope you brought a lot of money to entertain me with!
I love to gamble, and I'll be honest I've never met not one of you sluts that could beat me in any game I chose to play with you. See raise the rate, yes its fun in its own way, but isn't it more fun if I make you work to lose it by trying to prove you have more luck at cards or "whatever" than myself.
Good good keep losing, sign over the deed, the college fund, hand it over.
Are you crying? You're so worried??? OMG what have you done, you say?
You just got a hard lesson in love baby... You thought I loved you... but to find out what I really love and loved... you've got to call me...
Most of you "boys" are only good for one thing, earning a little, or a lot of cash. I learned long ago that silly men like you get weak in the knees when a woman of my caliber pays attention to you. You have no real attributes except for a paycheck, and yes I'll even admit the bigger the paycheck and the more you're willing to suffer while I prosper goes a long way!!! You might not make much but I'll take that anyway until you're broke...
Hungry? Go to a food bank, your cash budget on food just went towards my insanely high cable bill... I'll even make you a list of local churches and foodbanks for you to go to, I cannot let my cash cow starve after all!
You have cable? Oh no that is a privilege that YOU CANNOT AFFORD while under my supervision. Plus where are you going to find time around all those extra hours your working?
Plus you won't have the free time with the second or third job(s) I'm going to make you get, however we may be able to find ways for you to earn money without having to work more jobs...

I have real true life experience in domination sessions for those seeking fetish experiences as well as having a full time slave or slaves at all times in or close to my home readily available to service me.

When you're broke you'll once again be nothing to me, I might remember you're name but that's only if using you got me something REALLY fancy like a new car or a sexy piece of jewelry!

But don't cry to me how you cannot pay your bills, don't ask me for help... I only cared about you as far as the greenbacks were concerned with them gone... well there goes my love and interest as well, unless you have something else of value.
Although I am demanding all of your cash, and all of your attention will be on me as I see fit. I will take control of your funds. I'll balance the books, and give you a new budget to follow. Be warned your new budget includes large amenities for me!

You know you want to dress me nice, pay my bills, make my life easy, while I make yours a little harder.

Men like you are weak, and you need a strong woman to take control, to take everything. I'm that woman. I'll take it all and more. You will obey me, you will serve me. You will make me happy or you'll be gone... Do you have what it takes to make this Mistress happy?

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