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Red Tush & Stern Scolding: For Your Own Good

    Spanking isn't all about a stinging hand against a blushing bottom. Between the offense and the punishment lies a delicious world of verbal reprimands - a potentially scorching critique of you, and your actions -- least of all, the sense of impending doom, as you realize all the punishment will entail.
    A strict sense of rewards and punishments, laced with a sensuality you couldn't bear to further disappoint, I intend to mold you into the well-behaved person I know you can be. Whether that means a trip over my knee, lessons in sexuality, or a crash course in what it feels like to be a member of the fairer sex, you will be elated to finally find someone who cares enough to personally instigate your betterment.
    ... or how about a whole lot of teasing? What if you were spanked in front of fellow students, your or my friends? They'd certainly give more than a giggle in your direction.
Spanking Aspects & Scenarios Which I Adore:
  • Scolding
  • Over the Knee Spanking ( OTK )
  • Punishment at the hands of a:
    Nanny, Headmistress, Governess, Schoolgirl
    or Mature Woman
  • Public Discipline
  • Spanking with Crossdressing
  • Discipline with Anal Play
  • To be Caught:
    Masturbating, Wearing Panties, Having Sex
    or Committing an Otherwise Dirty Act
  • To be Spanked, then Taught:
    The Proper Way to be with a Woman
    About Sex in General
  • Professor / Student
  • Bratty, Stubborn Girl
  • Nurturing Tones
  • Teasing, Laughing & Pointing
  • Schoolroom Paddling
  • Allowing My Boyfriend to Handle Your Punishment
  • Unsure about your ideal scenario?
    Feel free to email me!
    Though I'm not generally the submissive sort, I do enjoy a good spanking roleplay -- and what's more arousing than the sniffling, heart-felt pleas of a begging, crimsoned-bottomed British lass?
Naughty, sordid fantasies of what you'd do with a bratty girl before, after and while you reddened her bottom? Hear how intoxicating a corporal punishment can sound. Of note: I do believe my talents are better lended to fantasies -- actual roleplays of spanking scenarios, rather than being expected to spank myself during the call (read: no).
    Being exposed, in that way, bottom bared while private parts are uncontrolled, hardening, moistening - where else does a mind feel so very stripped?

     Whether scolding, bratty teasing, shuddering pleas, you'll want to hear it again and again. Immerse yourself in the roleplay that's been nudging at your mind.

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