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Let's Talk About Your Financial Domination Fantasy

Financial Domination is a fetish related to domination and humiliation. It involves a submissive (typically male) paying money and buying gifts for their master/mistress (typically female), while receiving little but humiliation in return. Financial domination is generally done online and via phone calls without physical contact between the participants. A submissive in such a relationship is sometimes called a pay piggie or "paypet."

It is possible that there is some element of the sexual excitement associated with financial domination in the case of men who regularly frequent prostitutes, who sometimes report that the act of paying for sex provides part of the thrill of visiting a prostitute. However, in the case of true financial domination, it is the transfer of money itself (usually referred to as a "tribute" or "offering" and almost never as a payment)that the submissive desires and finds arousing. In some, but certainly not all, financial domination relationships, there is also an element of blackmail. The submissives willingly provide the dominant with personal information that the dominant can then threaten to reveal to others if the submissive does not continue to make regular financial offerings.

One movie in which financial domination played a central role is the classic 1954 film The Egyptian starring Edmund Purdom, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature. In the film, the character played by Purdom is initially ruined financially by his obsession with a beautiful Egyptian woman (Bella Darvi) who he showers with gifts and other tributes until he has given her all that he has or owns.

Let's explore financial domination and fantasize about it, Ladies, I'll tell you what gifts I'll buy for you.