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BLACKMAIL is a way of life. Are you scared? GOOD

Princess Megan's simple blackmail rules

What's my blackmail philosophy? What can you expect if you enter into a consensual blackmail agreement with me? I know that after reading this document, you'll be ready for the most exciting and fulfilling experience of your life...being my blackmail victim!


Blackmail voice mail 2 - about to get RUINED!

I set up my mic and recorded myself leaving a message on a blackmail slave's voice mail. I'd demanded a payment and he missed the deadline. This was the only reminder I gave him and it was enough! The money was in my account the next day. Downloadable MP3



I'm the girl you can never have.

I was born to control wimps like you. You're home alone, sitting in front of you computer, just wishing that you could have a chance with me. Why do I tease and torture and rule your pathetic little life? Because I can.

I'm the perfect combination of bratty teen and experienced lifestyle Mistress. I'm VERY young (and sound it), but I wrap men like you around my little finger for a living and have for years. I walk the walk.

I don't do fantasy blackmail. I'm 100% real and so is any promise to you I make about what I will do with your information. I'm not like other girls who forget you exist as soon as you hang up the phone. I expect you to do what you say you will and if you don't, there will be CONSEQUENCES.

Don't contact me if you're going to mess around with giving me a "girlfriend's email address" and then answer me yourself or hand out fake phone numbers. I'm not interested. It's the real deal with me, or nothing.

That said, I'm a benevolent and fair Mistress. I'm also highly intelligent, so I know that pushing you farther than you can be pushed won't do either of us any good. I can walk that line between exciting you and ruining you better than anyone else. Period.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get blackmail started, so I've created a few ways to break the ice.

The first is my Truth or Dare Blackmail Game. 10 levels, 10 chances to give me info that I need to blackmail you.
HERE to play! You'll be taken to my site, where you can find the game rules and buttons.

The second one is my Blackmail Application. Pay, fill it out and email it back to me. This will help prove to me that you're serious.

Or just call and we can discuss your fantasy and do our best to make it a reality.

I WILL OWN  YOU. And you'll love every second of it.