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The Divine British Bitch

Welcome, slave ... you have found your way to My Domain, a place where I Rule and you serve. A place where all thoughts of yourself disappear, to be replaced wholly with thoughts of ME. A place where you will learn how to dedicate your life to bringing Me pleasure and ensuring I live in the manner to which I am accustomed. If you yearn to serve a living Goddess, and take pride in knowing She lives a lifestyle befitting a Superior Dominant Female through the hard work of Her slaves, then explore this page and maybe you too can become a servant to Me and experience the ecstacy of true Control and Domination. What it means to you .... Financial Slavery allows you feel complete in the knowledge that your tributes, in part, create a level of lifestyle that I wish to enjoy. In this day and age, it is the only way that you, as My slave, can lead a life of servitude to Me no matter how near or far you are from Me. Your tribute to Me is a sacrifice to your Goddess and the giving of this sacrifice will bring you the joy of knowing that your hard work has brought your Goddess the opportunity to indulge Herself in the pleasures of life She deserves. With every tribute, you will feel the ecstasy of obedience and devotion, the knowledge that you exist only for Her and that Her pleasure is your pleasure. What it means to Me ... Your financial slavery to Me, reflects your worship of Me and your devotion to Me. It reveals your true wish to bring Me pleasure, without requiring anything in return. Your only reason for giving is your need to see your Goddess enjoy a lifestyle that is befitting a Supreme Female. I do not regard you as stupid for wanting to be My financial slave, in fact I find financial slavery to be the most powerful of all the ways a submissive can show his acceptance of servitude. Financial Slavery is 'real' slavery, not a just a game of Domination and submission, but a means of servitude that realises true benefits to Me, your Goddess and to you, My slave. Your every tribute will bring Me pleasure when spending it, and joy to you in the knowledge that I am experiencing that pleasure.