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Princess Jamie

The Princess Ignore Hotline : You Pay, I Laugh!

Wipe the drool from your chin, dweeb. Some of you already know me-- good for you. You've probably already collected the thousands of pictures and videos of me across the web. Those of you who don't might need an introduction.

I am Princess Jamie. I'm USA-born-and-bred, 24 years old, and I have accomplished more in my 24 years than most of you peons have ever DREAMED of. I'm brilliant, I'm successful, I'm gorgeous, and most of all.. I've been manipulating men into penis pretzels all of my life. I keep your little hearts as trophies, destroying your egos, your self-worth, and your desperate attempts at masculinity.

This listing is for when I've got better things to do than talk to you so your pathetic existence can be validated. Usually I've got homework, emails, projects to work on, books to read, people to talk to, or fun things to do (like online shopping with your cash!)-- which are all much more interesting than you. But I'll go about my everyday life while you watch, letting you pay for the privilege of seeing me anyhow.


You losers just love to be reminded of your status in the universe.
I wonder what that "L" stands for? Lucky? LOL!

If you're lucky I might look at the camera every once in a while. I do love seeing my own image on my computer screen.

Go here to my Main Listing, the one where I might pay attention to you. If it's not available, don't you fucking dare ask me to talk to you on this listing!