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Financial domination is the ultimate in submission fetish. The handing over of total and complete control by a submissive to a dominant. In this instance the submissive is compelled to pay by means of tribute, gifts and other services. A financial slave believes his Mistress is a Princess or Goddess and his purpose is to allow Her to live accordingly while he makes financial sacrifices.

True financial domination happens when a submissive gives without expecting anything in return. Most submissives pay a regular cash tribute, faithfully paying Her bills, or showering Her with gifts whenever requested. Although, a well trained submissive will know when it is appropriate to tribute Mistress.
Obviously I have piqued your curiosity, but I am not your typical Mistress. I'm a horny lonely housewife with a lot of time to play. Your wife may not understand you but I sure do. I am a tall, leggy, 36 year old brunette and love to talk - especially about your dirty fantasies. I believe that men were put on the earth to worship, please, spoil and pay me. I a lifestyle dominatrix and fetishist. I am expensive but worth every penny. I have a different style of domination and I am not for everyone. Take a little time to get to know me. It is important that you find a Mistress that suits your needs and desires, not all Mistresses offer the same services.
I come with the following warning; I am easy to fall for and impossible to escape. One man tried to resist my charms. He cancelled his credit cards and amazon accounts. He closed his account and tributed me the balance. He managed to stay away for 3 months before the urge to see my photos and hear my voice became impossible to resist. He looked at my profile and was able to beat the devil for another 6 weeks, it's 11 years later and he is still sending me a montly allowance. You know you'd like to be just like him, maybe even try and out do him. Can you escape my spell?

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