Phone Sex

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Danni Baby

Mistress Danni OWNS YOU! NOW BOW DOWN!

Look here you little nothing Sissy Bitch. I Own you. You will do as I say and do it to my liking, or you will feel my wrath.

You will address me as Mistress Danni. Nothing more, nothing less. I am NOT your wife or girlfriend. DO NOT call me Honey, Baby or any of those "cutsie" Bitch names.

I AM MISTRESS DANNI and I AM your world. Your World Revolves Around ME!! What I want I get. I love laughing while you do whatever comes to my sadistic mind. I have a very sick mind and you WILL do as I say!

Now That We Have That Clear... Are you ready to serve me??
Pick up that phone and CALL ME NOW BITCH BOY!