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Mistress Devine


You are reading this because you're ready to be owned by a truly callous Domme. You KNOW you long for the ruin of your safe haven you have built and emotional mind fuck that I will cause. Understand NOW that this is all about ME ME ME so if you have a problem with that, get lost. Do NOT come to me seeking blackmail right off the bat because it WON’T happen. I take my blackmail VERY seriously. Blackmail is a very powerful form of manipulation in which I gain discreditable information to use against you - sending you and your family into total financial and occupational RUIN. NO limits, NO safe words. I build a very careful foundation and use ALL your intimate information to form a master plan that will eventually fuck you up, and make you my living asset for the rest of your years or until I tire of you. You will have to send ME loads and loads of cash before I even think of considering you. I will not play the little game of cat and mouse that so many of you seem to think is acceptable. That is only for those who don't understand exactly how MY fetish is to be executed. This is final and NON negotiable, so if you don't like it then BYE. Get this in your head - I have zero respect, consideration, or affinity for your person OR your family - to me, you are the LOWEST form of human scum. You LOVE how I'm a strong, fierce, confident, self-indulgent, individualistic, sneaky, pompous BITCH. I know you've heard all about me. Well, I'm NOT afraid to be Myself and to express Myself freely that is one of the reasons I'm so popular and one of the many reasons why you LOVE Me. It is my goal to send you into total financial distress, and to make it as humiliating and degrading as possible for you in the process. You’re here to entertain ME with your silly stupid self, going to ludicrous lengths to make ME smile. You better be prepared to perform the most outrageously idiotic acts of pure self degradation. Everyone knows I am the cruelest Bitch on the net repent before me now, there's no time like the present to submit to your destiny.


I Love To Be Spoiled!

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