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Small penis Humiliation Shame


Tuck your little dick inside your panties, squeeze your nipples, and then strap on your bra, slip on a miniskirt, pantyhose, heels, a wig, and don't forget the lipstick and makeup. Then we'll put your sweet girly butt over the side of the bed, slide in the strap on, and treat you like the bitch you're meant to be.

Once you enter the realm of submission, there's no turning back. If you're excited by being sexually submissive, then you've already been psychologically emasculated, mentally castrated, and emotionally unmanned. At this point, you need a Mistress to push you ever deeper into your pathetic little jerk off world.

It doesn't really matter what you do to get there. Some wankers get off on face sitting and body and ass worship. Others need to confront the truth via psychological and verbal humiliation. A few sorry bitches even crave public humiliation. The most pathetic of all are the small penis losers who are addicted to stroking their little dick and squeezing their tiny cock because they know it fits better in their hands than it does anywhere else.

Shame is a powerful emotion and it will further erode your false male persona, until the core of your powerlessness is revealed. Some bottom boi toys crave paddling, spanking, and caning, because pain erodes the false male self rather quickly, especially when it's administered by a powerful and beautiful young Dominatrix like myself. Once you really come to terms with your vulnerability and helplessness, the full force of mind control and emotional domination will take effect. You'll worship my foot, boot, heel, and legs as I gaze down at you and laugh. Perhaps, me and my girlfriends will decide to turn you into a fully dressed cross-dressing sissy. Then you'll learn to crave sissification and forced feminization, and your goal will be to become the best little sissy boy in my house of humiliation and female supremacy.

Sexually inadequate losers like you often dream of cuckolding, since you know that you're not a real man, and that your proper place is to kneel in the corner with a butt plug firmly in place and watch while Mistress takes an Alpha Male with a big hard thick cock. If you're a good little loser, I may allow you to suck the cum from my pussy and ass after we're finished. If you do a good job of sucking me clean, I'll slip into my strap on and penetrate you with a full nine inches of big black dildo, or administer in depth erotic prostate massage, so that you can feel like you have a juicy pussy between your pathetic little legs.

If we're alone again, it may be time for some panty and lingerie worship, CBT, chastity, slave training, face slapping, hair pulling, tease and denial, spitting, scratching, nipple play, or puppy training. Whatever it takes to make you a good little slave who empties his pathetic mind and just does what he's told: reprogrammed like a docile robot whose job it is to serve Me.

Now, if your submissive little girl dick is hard from reading this, you know that you've already been emasculated and turned into the pussy bitch whore that you were always meant to be. So pick up the phone, worship Mistress, and confess your submissive secrets to Me.