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Wet And Wild Summer Nights

Mistress Summer wants to toy with you for a while

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If you are looking for a screaming ranting lunatic, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a woman with a true gift for reminding you of just how easy you are to control and manipulate, you have come to the right place. If you want me to use and abuse your body, please have as many of the following things available as you can - Belt, clothespins, ruler, hair brush, scrub brush, ping pong paddle, alligator or binder clips, shoelaces, hair scrunchies, fly swatter, spatula, candles, wooden spoon, high heel, dishwashing gloves, mallet, black sharpie marker, condoms, thick 'n' heavy book, disposable shaver and shaving cream, toothpaste, cucumber, banana, screwdriver, whisk, salt, duct tape, q-tip swabs, ice cubes, blow dryer, booze, barbecue tongs, lunchmeat slices, loaf of bread, peanut butter, high heel, sneaker, pillow, bubblewrap. If you have any other item that you would like for me to use in a certain or my own personal creative way, you may bring that as well. At the beginning of your call, you should tell me what you have handy, so I don't waste time making you find items. If you prefer a longer, more drawn out call, you may call and list what you have and we can go over how I can abuse you with each item. Then you can choose your doom.

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