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Lascivious Heather

confess to a beautiful demanding spoiled babygirl

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Top 1% Hi! I'm Heather! Nice to meet you. Do you have cheerleader fantasies? If you do, I am what you have been looking for! All my friends and even some of my teachers know they can trust me with their deepest darkest secrets. Why don't you share yours with me? You can tell me what you fantasize about even if you would NEVER do it in real life. Adult book stores and the glory holes in the back of them, will probably never grow old to me. I did a session last week, in which my forced bi slut stayed on the cell with me while he sucked a cock at the book store. I always like to speak with the guy who is feeding my whore the cock, when possible. In that case it was possible, and my forced cock sucker took it to the mouth for nearly 45 minutes. Ahhh what’s wrong little sissy? Your clitty cock getting all stiff at the prospect of being forced to suck cock for me? I already know. Dial the phone and beg for the gift of sucking cock for me. Hi forced cock suckers and dildo worhsipers! 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