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Teasing Princess Dominates you-As about my PPV!

There is something about dominating a guy I find to be so sexually exciting. I don't actually mean in bedroom terms either silly. I'm talking about bossing you around, making you weak under my thumb, and willing to fulfill my every demand. I will warn you though that just because you think you are submissive, doesn't mean this game will be even half way fun. There has to be a connection- a need I might add, for you to give up the key to your manhood. You can't be the "big guy" in your fantasy world and expect my attention.

I never submit, so if that's what you are looking for you are most definitely in the wrong place.

I'm Tara. Princess, Mistress, or Goddess for you though. Respect is a really big deal with me. Have you noticed how pretty I am? How my peircing brown eyes and that cute little cleft in my chin have probably sent you into a total frenzy? This means you are one step closer to being addicted. And addiction, is NEVER a bad thing. Especially if I benefit from it. I don't have a major story as to why I like to use men. It's simply my personality. I like the fact of being considered pretty poison. lol. And yes, I've actually been called that! I also don't enjoy guess work. Meaning if you want to spoil me I will treat this relationship accordingly. If you think I will email with you for hours to get a few bucks you are absolutely insane. Remember that need I discussed earlier? You must have a NEED, to serve a Princess. You must NEED to be fucked over and laughed at later. Does that sound cruel? It shouldn't. If it was soooo cruel then why do you have such a big bulge in your pants?

YOUwant to serve me don't you? Admit it. Your curious as to how I plan to make you putty in my perfect little hands. Being molded to spoil me unconditionally is most definitely a good thing. Don't deny yourself. Serving me will be complete bliss. Learning how to please me, learning how to obey my every command is the reason for YOUR existence inferior twit.

What do I like talking about? Gee, ALOT OF THINGS! Feminization, humiliation, chastity, cuckolding, brainwashing, forced intox, and of course this pampered princess LOVES being spoiled.

You like my pics? Good. There is more from where tht come from. If you are a good servant, and work hard to please me. I'll allow you the privelage of buying some. Oh, and just another thought: My pictures can be used to play many games I'm sure I will always win! Just a warning!