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The Fetish Princess

On All Fours and Worship Your Fetish Princess$$

I'm a 19 year old spoiled Princess from Ohio. I'm 5'6" 119lbs and I get everything I want. I have a body that you won't be able to resist. Yea my bosoms may be small right now, but they won't be for long thanks to you PIG.

You wonder why I call you a PIG all the time. Well to keep it simple you are addicted to me, even though I laugh and degrade your sorry micro-cock. You are absolutely devastated when I tell you that I could never be with a man like you because you could never do anything for me sexually. But then you get excited when I tell you that the only good purpose you serve on this planet is to call me and let me have intercourse, or rape your wallet.

I love hearing you PIGs and bois whimper and beg and plead. Especially when you are begging to serve me at first, then once you realize what you've gotten yourself into begging and whimpering for me not to destroy you. It is such an intense turn-on having the power of your pathetic small dick ass. I love mocking them, asking "you want Me to spare you wallet this week?" and just continue to rape it! LOL

I have come to realize that once I have a man so turned on they are like putty in my hands, they will do anything and everything I want. They give me anything and everything I want. This is totally hot and the Ultimate turn on for me. Especially since I know exactly how hot-under-the-collar to make them, and exactly what buttons to push.


*Oral & Anal Training**Cum Eating**D/s Switch**Ass play*Cuckolds**Hardcore Strap On & Dildo training* *Cocksluts**CD's**Foot Slaves**Ass licking**Cockteasing**Chastity & Orgasm Control* *Total Body Worship**Piercing & Branding**CBT**Masturbation Instruction**Sissy Slaves**Trampling** Leather, Latex & PVC Fetishes**Bondage**Small Dick Humiliation**Whipping Fetishes**Corsets & Lingerie** Stocking Fetish**And many many more! Just because it's not listed doesn't mean I don't talk about it. If it's something you are interested in email me.

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Right now I'm having an introductory intercourse with your wallet price of $1.64 a minute. It's for a limited time, and after that it will be rising to the rape your wallet rate of $2.00. So hurry up and get to know me during the introductory rate you PIG!

Interested in an Ignore Line for me? Well I do offer this service currently just through this listing. If I get alot of callers wanting the Ignore Line then I'll consider making a dedicated listing just for that. So prove you want and need your own listing PIGS!

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