Phone Sex

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Do you have a fantasy that no one can fulfill for you? Need a girl with something extra? Well, tell me your dirtiest.
Wouldn’t you love to take me to the company office party or to mama’s for dinner? Every man at the dinner table will feel my sexual heat and try to hide their boners. No one will ever know because I love to tuck my cock towards my ass and even one of your friends or family would dance with me they would never know that your girl is packing WOOD! Later, at your place, we can suck each other off as we laugh about our dinner shenanigans.
Let’s work out at the gym together. I’ll wear a cropped tank with cracker shorts. My cheeks will hang out and those shorts will ride up my ass and I will hide my cock by tucking and wearing spanks. I will be your spotter and of course there will be a lot of touching. Tracing droplets of sweat that run down your biceps and then I will lick my fingers. It isn’t the workout that is making you sweat but my ruby red lips that are puckered into the beautiful O that always welCUMS your cock. Mmmm…

How about dancing? How about playing tennis? Your balls or mine? “Doctor, Doctor, please spray my throat!” Or it’s wet T-shirt night. You watch and applaud as I beat out all the other girls. I get off the stage and walk towards you. You have a drink waiting for me. I have to piss and you follow. You guessed it! There is nothing hotter that giving or getting a BJ in the john especially when you have an audience.
Surrender and let me fill you up with CUM whether it is your hot mouth or your inviting little ass.
Oh, do let me watch you on cam.
Surprise me! Don’t call me and ask me what my favorite fantasy is. Give me one of yours. You do not own me so don’t expect me to remember who you are. You mean nothing to me. If there is anything that you should understand, it is that I love to use you for my entertainment. That is not to say if you really please me and we just happen to connect that I won’t remember who you are but I haven’t met anyone that is that good.
Who knows, we may become good friends.
So if you are ready, CALL ME!