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Gotta love a chick with a dick


How long have you been dressing up? Are you able to pass? Or are you one of the ugliest CDs out there? Honestly, you know? Would you date a girl that looked like you? But it doesn’t really matter. Does it? I was out for breakfast with some friends and this GUY was wearing a yellow taffeta dress with polka dots, a bad blonde (more yellow) wig, black gloves, black patent pumps with a matching clutch, and a wide brimmed yellow hat. He was about 230 plus and had a stache and the hairiest legs and arms. Now, make me gag! She was daintily eating her Grand Junction breakfast. Well, my buds are cruel and they mocked her. But, good lord, she asked for it.

I don’t waste my time on CDs that don’t at least try to be a real girl. Okay, you have a wife, a girl friend, or whatever and that makes you the most vulnerable. You, my new friend, will receive my critique and verbal abuse AND you will like it. You will change your way of dressing. Cover up those hairy legs and wear fishnets or very dark hose. Long sleeves are the only thing you can wear because those beefy hairy arms are grotesque. AND the moustache has to go. I don’t work with clowns.

Sweetie, we will find you the perfect bra for your body type which is probably a 44DD, at least, if you are into big tits but I prefer a more natural build. I will send you to spas to get facials, manicures, and pedicures. Stop whining, METROsexuals get pampered. Then I will take you shopping and find the perfect outfits for you. Girl, if you have a big pot belly, I am not going to let you wear form fitting dresses. I guess you don’t like me, do you? I like my protégés to look their very best. The first thing you will do is send me a pic of yourself in full dress. Or if you are new to this, go out and buy some panties and a little make-up and try to put on your best face. Take before (normal), a nude (if you are comfortable), and an after shot (panties-make-up or as you currently dress). It is only after you send me pics that I will decide if you are worth of my time.

You do not own me so don’t expect me to remember who you are. You mean nothing to me. If there is anything that you should understand, it is that I love to use you for my entertainment. That is not to say if you really please me and we just happen to connect that I won’t remember who you are but I haven’t met anyone that is that good.
So if you are ready and worthy, CALL ME!