Phone Sex

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Crawl into my dungeon (I do Custom MP3s)

If you think recorded listings are hot, just wait until you hear your favorite story read to you. e-mail me your favorite nasty story or a link to it, and let me turn it into a hot MP3 so you can jerk off to it over and over.

I send the MP3 recordings through NiteFlirt's e-mail, charging $2.70 a minute. It's fair guys, you can listen to it as many times as you like and I usually read it aloud to myself so I can get the inflection of my voice right. If you want to know about how much it will cost, read it aloud and time yourself.(it can take 2 to over 4 minutes to read a page depending on how much white space or sound effects there are.)If I have to edit the story to change the point of view then I charge $5 a page for editing (changing "she sucks" to "I suck" and "I think" to "he thinks" .... takes a lot of time.)

I have it on good authority that my voice is even sexier on MP3. You can hear my voice in this short MP3 recording. I had to put a charge of more than 10 cents, but it's sent as a payment request and I do not expect you to pay it.

I'm no longer available for calls because I'm going to school to get licensed as a massage therapist. However, I'm still doing MP3s since I can work that around my work, school and social schedule. I've raised my price to $10 a minute so that my MP3 listing can be seen and if I do get a call it will be worth interrupting whatever I'm doing at the time.