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MY Out and About Town EntertainMEnt Line-Lucky You

Sometimes a Mistress has got to get out of the house and entertain Herself or run errands! When I am out and about town doing as I please, I bestow upon My loyal followers the opportunity to call Me and add to My entertainment!

If I am in public I will of course have to speak to you as if you are actually somewhat of a "normal" person (but you and I know the truth, don't we?). This means that YOU will have to entertain ME! You can do this in the following ways: 1) telling ME humiliating things about yourself as I am busy doing what I have to do; 2) forcing yourself to repeat Goddess worship over and over; 3) read Me poetry or stories (I can definitely tell you what I want to read!); 4) read Me my favorites newspaper articles or blog entries (a busy Lady has got to have a news bitch or two); 5) sit quietly and let the waves of My breathing wash over you; 6) attempt to have a friendly conversation with Me; 7) listen to Me describe in detail the mundane details of My activities; 8) or any other forms of entertainment that your silly little heart can devise of to occupy My time as I am out and about on the town.

Being that I am the Great high-powered career Chingona ("kick ass" for all you monolingual fools), I MIGHT turn this line on at work if I am not too busy. Behold a Superior Goddess in Her true Dominant workplace domain.