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Saras Playroom

CBT Ballbusting Castration Emasculation by SARA

CALL ME LIVE for CBT and Ballbusting!

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478) Ext.02366058



I enjoy inflicting Cock and Ball Torture, as well as engaging in nipple torture and anal play plus corporal punishment in insidious, creative ways using toys commonly found around the house, garage, office or hotel room. I'm quite sadistic, so be prepared for kink and pain.

If you're already into CBT or if you're a newbie, it's time for your cock and ball punishment or ballbusting! I admit I sometimes get carried away. To be honest, I'd rather just castrate or emasculate most wimps and losers, chop chop, bye-bye dick and balls!

Since I'm a twisted bitch, I'll direct you how to bust your own nuts. Want to take a quick pain test? Punch your balls. Or shut them in a drawer. That's only a little taste of what's to cum.

So get out some of these nasty items and call me!

Belt, clothespins, ruler, hair brush, scrub brush, ping pong paddle, binder clips, shoelaces, hair scrunchies, swatter, wire hanger, spatula, candles, wooden spoon, beng*y or icy h*t, high heel, dishwashing gloves, mallet, black sh*rpie marker, condoms, thick 'n' heavy book, disposable shaver and shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, cucumber, banana, uncooked rice, screwdriver, whisk, salt, duct tape, q-tip swabs, ice cubes, blow drier, candy bar, booze, tabasco sauce, barbecue tongs, lunchmeat slices, bread slices or hot dog roll, peanut butter, hardboiled eggs, high heel, sneaker, flipflop, pillow, stinky sock or what-have-you?


I'm also skilled in using different types of impact toys, paddles, whips, crops and restraints as well as cock rings, parachutes, weights, pinwheel or what-have-you? Yes! I have inflicted these toys on a select few private real-time slaves and can direct you to use them to achieve a cathartic, mind-blowing experience! Call me!



  • Outstanding call as always. Sara will take your fetish and twist it around your mind til you lose all control to her!
  • Mistress Sara is a great Mistress. i can't wait to call Her back!
  • Possessed of creativity, a capacity for cruelty, and an incredible voice, Sara is more than we can ask for!
  • Miss Sara is amazing with beauty and brains and amazing control. She just used and abused me.


Blog with 4 years of archives, over 300 posts about how my girlfriends and I use and abuse slaves and weak wimps for our amusement and profit!

Severe corporal punishment of one of my house slaves! Not for the sqeamish. First installment.

Second installment in Slave Novella series. Extreme BDSM on a luxury yacht!


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