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Mistress Elizabeth76

The BEST roleplay on Niteflirt *EROTIC PERFECTION*

My role plays will take you so deeply into your fantasies you will feel as though you are truly there...scent and taste surrounding you as my words penetrate your mind and bring shuddering responses from your willing body

My control...Legendary. Seductive. Powerful. Bold. Lasting.

I am very experienced in role-playing and have an extremely active and sensuous imagination. I am also very experienced at erotic hypnosis, I can bring you far into your mind...bending it with perfection. On my past service I had dozens and dozens of regular clients that would return again and again to live their fantasy. I love making them real enough to taste. I delight in exploring fantasies...fetishes...desires...anything and everything. When I take you into your fantasy you become live feel it.

I can take you anywhere you want to go...regardless of how wicked

Depravity and degradation or the sweetest of soul mates

I can own you...

We can go anywhere together. We can do anything...and I do mean anything.

I can take you so far..I can make is so real...feel it...taste it...scent surrounding you and words invading your it through me

Clients on the last service I worked for had me as a plantation mistress; buying slaves at auction. I've been a professor, a high-powered executive forcing my employees to service me...the woman at the grocery begging you to take her into the parking lot...the prim and proper WASP secretly wanting to be tied up, blindfolded and taken. I've been a cuckold's girlfriend learning about his new found life and a sweet, innocent girl taking her first BBC. A psychologist, a personal trainer, a co-ed...your wife's best friend, a doctor, the attorney that just screwed you in more ways than one...perhaps you'd like to see your wife taken by another woman...perhaps you wish to be kidnapped and forced into servitude, bound and made my slave. Anything you have dreamed, anything you desire. All of it is in me.

If you can imagine it I make it happen. When we are on the phone it is just you and I....exploring.

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