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$$ Authority or power position taking your cash $$

Here, we can role play that someone in a position of authority of power takes all your cash, whether they should or not. :)

An attorney taking advantage of your weakened state or taking it to keep the truth from the rest of the world. An attorney taking your cash to keep your secrets safe. Or a doctor taking your cash to keep quiet about a medical condition. A psychiatrist finding out about all your demons and then blackmailing you to not tell your wife. A teacher finding out that you cheated on an exam and taking lots and lots of cash in the form of pay mail requests that you must pay to not reveal it to the rest of the faculty, so you don't get kicked out of school. You confess in a confession booth at church and in order for that information to stay quiet, you must pay up. And so many more scenarios along those lines.

The common theme is a person in a trusted position of power or authority who takes advantage of your situation and the privileged information that they obtain in order to extort money from you. They throw honor, confidentiality agreements, hippocratic oath, patient/client privilege out the window and just take advantage of their position to take all the cash they can from you.

I have mentioned just a few such scenarios. I am open to others that are along the same lines. It is about taking advantage of you financially. About using knowledge to make you live on nothing to be able to send Me more and more to keep quiet. haha

Let the role playing begin and the cash roll in! Get ready to press those pay request buttons and pay up....after all, you don't want everyone else to know.....

You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!