Phone Sex

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$$ Take your cash and laugh at you $$

Well, I am the girl you secretly wish lived next door. And if I did, then what would happen is that I would take your cash, mess with your mind and laugh at you. So, call and imagine that I do live next door to you and give Me all that cash that I deserve and you don't. And maybe you will be lucky enough to have Me laugh at you.

You should be glad that you ever get to talk to Me, because you know in the real world a girl like Me would not even give you the time of day. Here, you get to call Me and have Me take your advantage of your pathetic little desires. haha Do you think I care about those? lol I care about Me and you should care about getting My attention. The only way to get My attention is cash, haha. Great for you, sucks for your wallet. And certainly great for Me, which is what really counts. Right?!!! Well, this girl net door is ready to take what is rightfully hers. Give up that cash to the wallet that deserves it. Mine!!!

You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!