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$$ Confide in Me, tell Me everything. Confess! $$

Confide in Me, tell Me everything. Reveal all your little secrets and feelings and doings. I want to know everything about My little subjects. I know you need someone to listen and someone in whom to confide.

Confess! You know it's too difficult to have to keep everything to yourself. Well, confess. Call and tell Me everything. You can call and tell Me about your happy news or about that argument you had with your girlfriend. You can talk about how you hate your job and how you love a new tv show. You can tell Me about things you feel guilty about and things you are excited about.

You can call Me and tell Me about how you feel lonely or confused or rejected or pathetic. You need to get these things off your chest and I am the person that you should reveal all your secrets to always. I am here the way nobody else is. I want to know these things. Call and tell Me everything. If the things you call to tell Me are amusing all the better. If you call and talk for a long time even better. You know you need to bare your soul to Me and you are lucky, because I am willing to listen. It is your lucky day, thank your lucky stars and Me, of course.

Don't miss this opportunity. Opportunities like this don't come that often. I have decided to help My subjects and allow them to call and tell Me everything. I know it is extremely generous of Me, lol....I guess this is Me being nice. You are welcome! Go ahead and call and reveal all.

You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!