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princess bladez

Bitchy Tease Will Rock Your World

I have heard time and time again, "Damn your such a bitch", or "why do you have to be such a tease?"

It seems I have perfected the art of being "the bitchy tease", and now you lucky boys get to see first hand what a real life Dominant bitch is like.

The difference that sets Me apart and ahead from the rest is I am not the pretend Princesses here doing it just to make a buck.

Man manipulation is My form of kinky sex games, you are the pawn, and I always win.

I am a stuck up, narcissistic bitch, who likes to tease. Twisting, manipulating, and playing men is My fetish, My power over you is My high, and impacting your life is My rush.

I could bore you with some egotistical blabbering about how fabulous I am just like the others, but why would I waste My time with what should already be obvious?

If you are not aware of how wonderful I am, eventually curiosity will win, and you will give into your male urges and call just to see if I rock as much as I say I do.

Ok ok I know you need a little somehting to go on, so feast on this.

I, Princess Bladez, believe Females are above men, I will use what mother nature gave Me to manipulate you into the "dumb zone".

I am not some new chick on the block, I am a lifestyle Femdom who lives, breathes, and believes men are put here to be pets and serve women.

My "edge" is pretty sharp boys, be careful when playing with Me, I will cut you in more ways than you can imagine. *S*