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Worship, and lay your offering$ at my feet.

You've seen seen me before. The boy across the room, at the bar, in the ad, or at the desk next to you - chiseled, toned, and impeccably dressed. You couldn't tell if I was gay, straight, or just horny, but it didn't matter. You didn't have the balls to talk to me anyway. You just went home and jerked off. Well, here's your opportunity to not only talk to me and redeem yourself, but to worship me like the God I am.

I am the erudite boy-god of your dreams. I was raised in the theater, museums, and social events. I am well read, well spoken, and well dressed. I shop at Barney's, Saks, and an array of boutiques - not Wal-mart, K-mart, and the dumpsters out back. Keep this in mind as you make your offerings, especially since I do offer photos for sale of my differing parts in whatever clothing you wish. This is, of course, provided that you can match the cost of/buy said items for me. After all, isn't that what you're good for?

I'll hear your confessions, take your penance, and make you worship me. *AND* As a loyal follower you may worship in whatever way you wish (it all pleases me) provided that are WORTHy enough. Remember, in me all things are possible. . .just lay your sacrifices and offerings at my feet, and I will tell you if I am pleased enough to grant your wildest dreams.

My Yahoo ID, for those of you too cheap or broke to call. You get five minutes of my time before you have to make an offering. $15.00

Three pics of my feet in Frye boots. Perfect for the worshipper on a budget. $50.00

For those dirty fags who love to worship at the feet of a stinky God, three pics of my Asics clad feet - straight from the gym $90.00

For those of you wtih taste, here are three pics of my feet in Fluevog dress shoes. Feel free to lick them, but watch the suede, lest you invoke my wrath. $255.00

For those of you with class and cash, here are three pics of my feet clad in Prada cap toes. Cum all over them and then buy me a new pair. $640.00