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Head Bitch in Charge, Shot-caller of YOUR Money

I am a hard-core Latina Domme and Corporate Exploitrix of weak males such as yourself. I'm a true power fetishist and love to be in control of men and their money at all times. I expect respect, worship and obedience on an every day basis. I'm not fucking around here, jackasses. Don't EVEN think that you can pull some of that shit that you pull with some of the poor, uneducated dommes who will take your bullshit just to make a buck. Don't think that I'm here to show you My tits, talk nasty and make you cum, or any such nonsense. You would NEVER deserve such a thing from such a Superior Goddess.

I'm not the typical Domme, so you BETTER read My blog with attention to detail so that you know all about Me and My interests.

My personal interests include: financial domination, your money, your weaknesses, intellectual degradation, My money, the stock market, Female Supremacy, feminization/sissification, corporal punishment, human puppy and pony play, forced intoxication, online shopping sprees, and ME, ME, ME! I am addicted to the stock market, management, education, politics, your money and being treated like the Superior Woman that I was born to be. I am one bad-ass ultra leftist bitch and I will DEFINITELY reprogram you to think "MY" way.

Too scared to call or you just can't get enough of Me? Purchase an entire week of financial servitude, enslavement and worship assignments! You know you can't resist!

I'm the Head Bitch in Charge. I call the shots and will make ALL the decisions for you. You WILL submit to every one of My whims if you know what is best for you. I will control your thoughts, your habits, your money, and anything else I damn well please. If you are not up to my standards, I'll kick your sorry ass to the curb!

Upon initial contact, expect that I will aggressively interrograte you regarding your finances, experience with financial domination, fetishes, and other details that I choose to discuss. Expect to fully SUBMIT to My sadistic and extravagant financial demands.

  • You must read my blog before calling, so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and how to best please Me:My Personal Blog
  • You may fill out this questionnaire before calling, in order to facilitate U/us getting to know one another:

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  • I am a sadistic Financial Domme, who delights in the devastation and destruction that is presently occurring in our economy and in your future life. I am delighted and enthralled to be witness to the bankruptcy and economic plight of both corporate giants, as well as YOU.

    I don't NEED your money, but it feels oh so good TAKING it from you and spoiling Myself with your hard-earned cash. I probably already make more money than you during the weekdays during My high-powered management position-but if I don't, I WILL soon!

    ~Financial devastation has never felt so good~.