Phone Sex

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$$ Princess Skye ignores worthless & shy losers $$

So, are a loser who is to shy to actually talk to Me live and have Me rape your wallet for everything you have?

Are you too scared that if you call a listing where I actually talk to you I will fuck up your fragile little mind too much?

Do you realize that you are just truly worthless and pathetic and really are not even worthy of someone as magnificent and superior as Me even ignoring your sorry ass?

Well, this is the line for you, then! When you call this line I will probably say hello to you (or not), maybe laugh at your pathetic self and then put the phone are not really worthy of My actual attention anyway....

Then you will hear Me doing whatever I am doing...I may be shopping (I love to shop), I may be working out (I work out quite a bit, so you have a good chance of getting to hear Me taking a gym class of some sort), I may be eating, sleeping, typing, talking to someone on the phone, going out, watching a movie, tv, doing something online, or anything at all.

The point is it is Me doing those things and that is what makes it meaningful! Yes, the incredible truly superior, the one and only Me, Princess Skye! And you, a lonely loser freak, are getting lucky enough to listen in. You never know...I may even make fun of you to one of My friends on the phone or in person and you will get to hear it. You are such a freak, that will probably make you hard.

I usually just put the phone away and therefore would not hear you beg or plead or say things, but every once in while, I may pick up the phone, say something, laugh, and put it away again.....

The longer you are ignored on My line, the more I enjoy it....after all, every min a pathetic loser is on My line, I am making money, haha

What I really enjoy though is when losers are ignored and then they beg Me to raise the rate per minute, so they can pay more to be ignored.....I adore that....that really makes Me laugh (If you happen to catch Me at home, I can actually raise the rate right then). Plus you can always press the tribute buttons in gratitude and pay and pay and pay to be ignored by Me. Just how things should be and have been in My life!

So, call now, you worthless freak and listen to Me not give a shit about the fact that you are even on the phone. You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!