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$$ Worship Goddess Skye, the only real GOD! $$

Worship Goddess Skye, the only real GOD! Forget all other religions, gods and goddesses! There is only one true deity, true GOD and that is the one and only Goddess Skye. There is only one prefect being for you to bow down to and pray to and that is Goddess Skye! There is only one divine entity for you to tithe and to make financial sacrifices and offerings to and that is Goddess Skye! I give your life meaning! You owe Me everything you have!

You can call The Great Goddess Skye to confess all your sins and to tell Me all about your life and experiences. You can tell Me the good things you have done, the bad things you have done and what your thoughts and feelings are about different things. I like to know my subjects well. So, tell Me everything!

Are you tired of what you learned in Sunday school and in the bible. Do you want to laugh in the face of organized religion? Well, this is the best way to do that. Forsake all other religions and be loyal and devoted to Goddess Skye! Give Me everything you have. Give up your wallet to worship Me! Give up your family! Devote all your time and energy and money to Me! Accept only Me as your Lord and Savior! I will save you, but I will take everything in your wallet, haha!

You can built an altar in your home to worship Me. You should meditate daily about how devoted you are to Me. You should always look for ways to save money on yourself and those around you in order to be able to make greater financial offerings to the Magnificent Goddess Skye!

You should always tribute Goddess Skye every chance you get and call to hear My Magnificent voice and feel My power and presence in your life. You should call Me and beg Me to raise My rates for you, so you can call right back at a higher rate, so that you may be more useful to Me!

Your first thought upon waking up should be about worshiping and pleasing Me and your last thought of the day should be about that should think about pleasing Me and being useful to Me all the time. You must learn to live to please Me. That is to become your main goal in life. You may come up with great elaborate prayers in your devotion to Goddess Skye and then when you call you may recite them to Me.

Time to begin your new religion. The time is NOW. Tribute to the true higher power, Goddess Skye, and call Me live and worship!

You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!