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Confess your Stroking Sins NOW Wanker!

Maitresse Regine's
Chastity Dungeon

Chronic WANKERS time to CONFESS and be IGNORED!

This Line is only for those who need to confess their wanking sins and understand they will most likely be IGNORED. My life is far to busy to deal with you on most days.....feel brave today....give it a shot...try to earn my attention!
You will call ME on your knees, with respect, and present yourself for MY amusement.

It's really all about
ME after all...
entertaining Me...
amusing Me...
not the other way around... and you will work hard to beg to earn MY attention.
Come on now... ask yourself do I
WANT.. or do I NEED... to be controlled by a beautiful woman...listen to your inner need....and call.
Are you ready for the journey?

Tell me slut,
what sets your soul on fire?

I know what you need.
You need to leave yourself and come to me.
Do you want to feel alive?
Come to me. Don't be afraid.
I will take you on a voyage away from your boring existence.
I will make you forget yourself and teach you how to satisfy me.
Come to me.
When you accept that you are mine--now.
When you beg me to take contol of your cock,
When you humbly plead to be my slave,
that is when your slavery will really begin.
Are you ready to serve me?

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