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Goddess Akasha

A mistress for discerning slaves

About Me...

I am a young, sexy lady that enjoys being in control of everything around me. For the most part, this means being in control of you. When they say it's a man's world- they're right, it is, but then a young hot girl like me comes waltzing in and the men who control the world get a boner, and all of a sudden, it's my world now.

I am 23 years old. Until about six months ago I was at an Ivy League college where I double majored in law and economics. I graduated with honors near the very top of my class. Since then I've begun working at a bulge bracket Wall Street investment bank. I don't need to tell you how much money I make, you just need to know that I live in a fabulous Manhattan apartment and am certainly not on Niteflirt for the money. So if your looking for extreme financial domination or a clingy needy Mistress, then go elsewhere.

I don't want you to fund my luxurious lifestyle, I don't need you to pay my bills, this is not how I pay my rent, buy my food, or afford my parties.

I do want your money. The amount I want is relative to each slave. It depends on you- how much you earn and how much you can afford to pay. I want you to work out how much you can afford to pay to spend some time with me and then pay a just a little bit more than that. I don't want to make you homeless (although I might by accident), I just want you to understand that I am your Goddess and that I own you. The most effective way to do this is by taking your money.

About my program...

I have a fairly structured program for new initiates. The cost of the program varies from slave to slave and their personal circumstances, but all slaves follow roughly the same path.

1. First Contact This is the only part of the program where you have much choice- in order to begin you must contact me. To know that you are serious I need a tribute. This doesn’t have to be much, you can go as low as 5 or 10 dollars. Although, remember the amount you pay now at the beginning will obviously impact how the programme unfolds. While every initial tribute will guarantee a response, the smaller the payment the shorter the time of first contact. I can't provide you with a scale of how much money buys how much time, because I don't know myself. I suppose it depends on how long you can amuse me...

2. Being the best pig you can be After first contact, is the piggy stage. Here we will have a nice long conversation, so I can begin to understand and evaluate you more. If you have a webcam you will display yourself for me on it. I will be testing you during this time and you will be required to perform for my amusement. Performances vary from slave to slave and the mood I'm in. I might have you dress up like a cock sucking slut, or sit on a big deep dildo for hours on end. Or I might be a in a more playful mood and have you wank to the point of climax and then ice up your balls. This is also the stage where, depending on circumstances, we might begin "directed jerking". This is where I begin to make you turned on by cock. We begin with regular blowjob porn, then move onto shemales and tv, and then finally hardcore anal fucking of men by women, shemales and other men. I've had slaves who let me remote desktop to their computer and then take them to any filthy website I wanted. If you're a good piggy and try hard (and stay hard) then we can train you up to be insatiable turned on by cock... and once your at that stage- well then you become much more useful and amusing to me.

3. Puppy dog If you make it through the pig stage then you'll be quite obedient and thinking about me at least a dozen times a day. This is the stage where I give out my blackberry contact information and expect messages of humiliating confessions, fantasies and adoration throughout the day. These let me know that I am in your thoughts, and more importantly that I've begun to fuck with your head. There is further cam training obviously, we'll stretch your limits (and holes) together, although you might not have much choice in the matter.

4. Good Cunt If a puppy dog can impress me, a big if. Then he earns the title of cunt, because by now that is what he will be: a cunt to take anything I want and hold it inside him to give him pleasure. Whether it is verbal abuse and humiliation, weird and wonderful toys, or just endless amounts of pain. This is also where I begin to share you with the world. My girlfriends will get pictures of you and we might get together on cam for you and just laugh and laugh. You might be made to hire out a male prostitute and give him a nice long blowjob... or maybe take a brutal anal fucking, all while we watch on cam.

How to begin

To begin, make a tribute using the link above. It need not be much, we can rape your wallet later. Contact me, if you have a webcam then please have it set up before you contact me. And I will send further instructions, Please note I don't take calls from initiates. And I don't get on cam for them. That is a privilege that is earned. Besides if you're the pervert I think you are and have ever searched for pics of college hotties on Google, or webshots then you've probably already seen a couple of pictures of me.