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My Kinky Stories

The four-part story of my cuckold's training

My Boyfriend - The Cuckold

Although he didn't know that there was a term to describe his behavior, I knew I was going to turn my boyfriend into the BEST cuckold ever!

When we first began dating, he was soooooooo sweet and attentive. He would happily run to open doors for me; bring me flowers and spoil me with nice dinners and bottles of wine. The longer we dated, the more attentive he was, always wanting to please me.

One night, after a really nice dinner, we came back to my place to relax and watch a movie. He slipped my high heels off of my feet and began giving me a long, slow foot massage that felt FANTASTIC after hours being in those stilettos. While he was massaging me, he began telling me how much he enjoys spoiling and pampering me and that he would ALWAYS put my needs first. He said that he feels complete when he's pleasing me. I began to understand that this man was willing to do whatever it took to bring me pleasure. Anything at all. Little did he know that our relationship was about to take a very drastic turn.

Later that night, I decided to "test the waters" a bit. You know, challenge him, to see if he REALLY meant what he'd said earlier in the evening.

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom and I asked him to remain dressed while I slowly and seductively slipped out of my skirt and blouse - facing him and staring right into his eyes. I slipped off my bra and slid my panties down my soft, silky thighs. I walked over to him and asked him to get down on his knees. I told him that he was going to lick my pussy and that the only person to have an orgasm that night would be ME! I told him that, from now on, HIS orgasms would be controlled by me and that he would have to EARN them. You should have seen the bulge in his pants as he lowered himself down to his knees and began licking my clit like he'd never done before. I came all over his cute little face - grinding my hips against him until my pussy was purring and satisfied. I knew that his "training" had only just begun and I couldn't wait until our next date!

Part 1 - His Disappointing Cock Size

Part 2 - Getting Ready For My Date

Part 3 - Learning To Please In Every Way

Part 4 - It Takes More Than A Mouth To Be Completely Useful