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sugar brat

Perfect College Princess. Brand New Babydoll!!

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Sorority Sweetheart

I found out about doing this from a friend and pretended like I wasn't interested at the time. I laughed and told her 'Oh *I* could never do something like that!' But, as soon as I got home I ran to my room and locked the door and got on the net. I started looking it up, looking for somewhere to try it. I am not the usual kind of girl who would do something like this. No one would ever know, or even guess, that I would want to do something like this to pay my way through school. I can't even believe I am. This is so fun!

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I'm 21, and this is my first time! I am shy, maybe even a little snobby, but very sweet. An 'All American' type college girl. Yes I am actually in a sorority. No I will not tell you which one. We'll just jokingly call me Kappa-Ho. My family thinks I am totally perfect but I am dying to prove them wrong. Since coming to college I have mostly just hung out with the girls of my sorority. I am straight, but I keep getting crushes on some of the girls. They are have shown me how to really have a good time! I'm secretly dying to be made dirty! I'm extremely curious about sex in every way. Do you know what I mean? I sure hope so.

My friend told me there are people who would love to talk to a girl like me. Who really love the perfect college Princess. She even told me that there are men who will treat me like a Princess and spoil me in every way. I've seen the profiles on here but I can't believe it's real. All I know is I am that perfect Princess and if there are guys out there who dig blonde all American sweethearts then I want to talk to them. Show me what I've been missing! Break my proverbial telephone cherry, please!! I'm so nervous, LOL, call me!

Here are some photos. If you like them maybe I will take you some more! Let me know!!!

My first topless pics ever. Can't you tell by the look on my face? I was so nervous. Get them here!

I took pictures of the pink! Want to know if I am shaved or not? Why don't you just look and see.

All soapy in the bathtub! Wanna see me squeaky clean playing in a hot bubble-bath? You can!

Do I wear panties or not? I take my shorts of in these pics and show you just that very thing.