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Get fucked up and have your wallet drained!

Mistress Kiara

you will be a slurring moron by the time I'm done with you. I will make absolutely sure that you are a drunk, high, stoned, and all around fucked up as you can be! you may not even remember Me taking advantage of your loser wallet lol! Grab your bottle, pipe - whatever! - get on your knees and get fucked up for Me!

created on: 07/27/10

you're useless without your fix, aren't you? you're completely addicted to your drug of choice - alchol, weed, coke, whatever it may be, you need it. And soon you will be associating that addiction with serving your Goddess. Maybe you've tried to quit before, but you keep coming back to it. you need it, you crave it, not matter how many 12 step programs you've tried.

created on: 07/28/10created on: 07/28/10

So here's My 12 step program that has been proven to work!

1. Realize and admit to yourself that you are hopeless without your fix.
2. Try to find things that you do well when sober, but fail.
3. Realize how miserable you are when sober.
4. Realize that you really have no purpose in life when sober.
5. Realize how fun it is to be fucked up.
6. Cave and buy your intoxicant of choice in copious amounts.
7. Realize that getting fucked up alone is just pathetic.
8. Realize that you don't have anyone who wants to be with you anymore when you're fucked up.
9. Call your Goddess for a forced intoxication session.
10. Be forced to consume more than you've ever done before.
11. Let Me turn you into the slobbering loser you were meant to be and surrender all to your Goddess!
12. Repeat until you feel like you have a purpose in life again!

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