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When I'm working my vanilla job, no one would ever guess what I do for fun. I've always had a great body, sexy long legs, and I've been filling out sweaters since my high school days. I enjoy using a thick cock to get off, and I throw the rest of the guys back who don't measure up to my standards. Some guys are good to keep around just to toy with and use for their non-sexual benefits. I've known and used a couple of guys who perved out to knowing that I planned on dating other men when I was with them. It's funny what will turn some of you guys on.

I've even caught one of my former boyfriends squeezed into a pair of my worn panties trying to jerk off in the bathroom when he though I was out. I think he came in the panties as I was walking away laughing at him. Small town guys get embarrassed too easily over stuff like that.

I like to roll with whatever comes my way. I rarely set out looking for something specific in a guy. I like to work with whatever makes a guys dick hard and ready to please me. It's always a good night being on top of a thick cock with my hand on the throat of the guy I'm fucking while I'm spitting in his face. Reaching back and squeezing his cum filled balls usually gets at least an extra half-inch of girth out of a cock. Maybe some of you less endowed fist humpers should try that sometime.

I hope that you know what you want when your dick is hard. There's no point in trying to act manly if what you really want is a woman to treat you like the bitch you really are in the bedroom. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just ask to be used and make sure that your tongue is ready to go to work licking whatever I tell you to lick.