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Dominant Cuckold Wife... I'm In CHARGE!!!

I don't have time for PTA meetings. I'm busy trying to keep my hubby looking good, rather than like the limp-dicked cuckold that he truly is. My life, therefore, consists of fundraisers, snobby parties, events, showers, and the occasional fuck-fest with total strangers at shitty motels out of my zip code. I never really saw myself as the slutty wife-type, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. My only advice to other women is that at least if you marry for money, like I did, your idealism remains intact.

Mark (my limp-dick hubby) has a previous marriage to some frigid bitch who was a lot more tolerant of his lack of sexual prowess than I am. Why that gem of a relationship failed, I'll never know, though I suspect it was the fact that she was hardly a trophy wife. Maybe the winner of Best In Show at a dog competition, but hardly the stuff that you can show off at a luncheon and utterly lacking in social graces.My pool guy, however, is quite the strapping lad. He's hung like a horse and has the looks of a male model. Dumb as a hubcap, but he's very educated--thanks to me--in the finer sensual arts. Needless to say, I'm always happy to give him extra work around the house, involving my soaked panties, his thick prick, and lots and lots of his cum in me. If Mark knows, he sure hasn't said anything. Not that I would care if he did.

You're probably wondering if I go black. Yes, I do, but please don't tell the neighbors. I love black cock, but like all nasty vices, it's something I don't want advertised. I have a reputation to uphold you know and if they ever got wind that Mark's precious wife is often the center of attention at Mandingo fuck-fests, why, Heaven only knows what would happen. But, as I said, a girls' gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

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