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Princess Faith

So, let's get this straight, shall we boys??? Shall we lay a few simple ground rules before you get too far ahead of yourselves??? Don't send me 10,000 emails begging me to call you, or pleading with me to make an exception and meet you. IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

You need to understand that you are just like the hundreds of other dickless little boys that think that they are special enough to seduce me. Be honest with yourself... If you could get anywhere close to a girl like me in the REAL world, you would not be trolling these pages. This is the closest that a pathetic sissy like you will EVER get to a girl like me.

Pay me... Make it worth my while to spend time allowing myself to be bothered by the likes of you... Buy me things... Buy me all sorts of pretty, shiny things... Clear out my wishlist... Send me tribute after tribute...

Why even bother visiting if you aren’t prepared to give in? Are you ready to submit to this powerful beauty, wimp? Are you even worthy for me to allow you to pay me? Your emails that you send are not good enough, it just won’t do to earn my attention. It just tells me just how disobedient that you can be, when it states all over my site what I required in order to gain my attention.

So I have had more than enough with the emails bitches. Do what you must in order to become a cash paying puppet for this Bratty Princess! I am seeking “DO RIGHT BITCHES”. Losers, pay pets, intelligent generous money slaves who are eager to serve princess the way a Goddess should be worshipped.

You want my pictures, you want my movie clips, you want my web cam, but for free???????? This is why I am taking my precious time because this kind of beauty doesn't come cheap. Drool off what you see here and there until I make up my mind to post new pics and my videos. You losers really don’t deserve to see any freaking thing if you ask me. Why don’t you consider calling me anyway, chump, and quit snooping for free. You losers get too comfortable with others showing you too much more than what you deserve.

Do you think that you have what it takes to serve this beautiful Princess???

Initial Tribute ($50.00)

Buy Princess Faith’s IM Info ($15.00)

Adopt Princess Faith’s Bills

My Rent ($750.00)

My Electric Bill ($100.00)

My Cable Bill ($80.00)

My Phone & Internet Bill ($120.00)

My Cell Phone Bill ($120.00)

My Car Insurance Bill ($210.00)

Pay for Princess Faith’s Weekly Main/Pedi ($75.00)

Buy Princess Faith Presents!!! Keep Me in the Manner in which I am Accustomed to!!!!
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