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Realm of Bliss Deep Hypnosis HypnoDomme Fetish

My name is Lady Ruetha, and I am a Dominant woman. I am a Hypnotist. I am a Witch. I love to work in the realms of the mind. I am your guide in the realms of sensuality and imagination. I can entrance and bespell you... and for a select few, I will be more than that. But for all, I will use the powers of your imagination to show you new realms of bliss and pleasure. Whether you're a man or a woman, I know how to go deep within your mind and stroke it into sleepy, dreamy bliss.

I am a certified hypnotist, and I have studied hypnosis for years. I have been on television performing erotic hypnosis (in the documentary "Sex Robot" on US Discovery Health.) I have experienced hypnosis many, many times myself. I have been hypnotizing people online since 1999. You can find out more about hypnosis... especially erotic hypnosis... at my podcast site, The Realm of Bliss Erotic Hypnosis Podcast. You will soon be able to visit my website, The Realm of Bliss.

Trance is transformative. Trance is sensual. Trance is sexy. Trance is a way to get in touch with your deepest desires, and I can lead you there. Trance can give me control of your body, and of your mind. You can lose yourself in the heat and haze and hear nothing but my voice, feel yourself surrendering control.

The best way to enjoy all of this, of course, is to call me... but if I'm not available, you can always enjoy my recordings. You'll find them a good introduction to the Realms of Bliss. And, of course, I'm very willing to work out appointments with hypno-submissives who are eager to please.

Or listen to one of my current recordings, designed to put you into deep, warm trance:

To get the most out of these experiences, take the time to really enjoy them. Take the time to be in your most comfortable clothing, or perhaps, if safe, no clothing at all. Make sure you have the time and space to truly enjoy each moment. Listen to my voice when you are ready to explore. Or, sometimes, when you want to hear a soft, sensual, insistant voice urging you relentlessly to greater depths of pleasure.

When you're ready to feel the power, call me. You may be surprised how good it feels... at least, consciously. Part of you already knows, and is going to be thinking about it until you make that call. And that part wants you to call. Soon. Perhaps even now.