Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Call and oink it up while I go on about my day, NO STAGING, REAL IGNORING, fucker!

What's going on now: I'm sleepy. You can call and listen to me breath softly, watch tv, type e-mails and talk to my fuck-buddy when he comes home after work. There's rain and coqui frogs in the background :) so expect those more than anything else.
Previously:Aug. 17th 2008

Dinner and a are not invited...but you can pay for it...:)

Oct. 10th 2007

Going on a date to the zoo, sucka!

Sept. 29th 2007


Sept. 28th 2007

Sleeping--so expect to get cussed the fuck out or snored at asshole.

Sept. 21st 2007

sleeping, dumbshits

Sept. 18th-19th 2007

My favorite and best Sugar Daddy paid for me to take a brief stay in Honolulu, Hawaii. Catch up, fuck-ups!