Phone Sex

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Listen Up TICK TAC DICK....

I know you have a small "penis"

if that's what you want to call

that thing between your legs.

Your nipple is probably bigger than your dick ISN'T IT?

Then again, everything is

 bigger compared to you.

Awwwwwwww, Did I upset you? GET OVER IT.

I'm not the one who gave you a little dick.

Instead, I'm going to feel sorry for you

and let you talk to me. We can "Pretend"

to be boyfriend/girlfriend and I will show

 you how I treat you.

We can go to my bedroom and play with all my stuff...

I can show you how to 

be a GIRL since that's

what you pretty much are.

My CLIT is bigger than your dick fully erect.  That's okay,

 I LOVE guys with little dicks.

You can be my girl friend and

we can play "Dress Up" and we can go shopping and do

all kinds of girly things... Something I normally

wouldn't do with regular guys.

So if you want someone to play with, why

 don't you call me and we'll be best friends!

Imagine that... someone who doesn't care

if you're tiny... we can stay up all night and

play with each other and no one will ever know... 

 Sssshhhh! It'll be our secret!