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Goddess Amanda XXX

Loosers Hotline. Expect to be Ignored!

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See My Sizzling Hot Photo Gallery.
All Quality Sets of Three Sensual Pics Just $10!



Hello loser! So you finally found the nerve to pick up the phone. How special! I'm surprised you managed it. What in the world makes you think I'll give you the time of day? your not worthy of drinking My bath water, much less being in My presents. your so worthless. you know that don't you?

If your lucky I might let you watch a real man fuck Me, after all, what are you going to do with that tiny little penis of your's? How humiliating for you. The most you could be good for is My personal entertainment.

Oh you're welcome to sit there pulling and wanking on that useless, little cock while I drain that piggy bank of your's but don't expect Me to acknowledge you. you're so pathetic sitting there bagging and whining, for My attention. How amusing!

At best I might smoother your face with My sweet little pussy and beautiful firm ass, while I watch you struggle. But don't you dare think, for a moment, that you will ever get more then a whiff of My intoxicating essence. If I even suspect you are thinking of licking up My sweet pussy I'll slap that filthy face of your's right off. you silly little sissy.

Some one should cuckold your stupid little ass, and maybe I will, but I'm betting you're to much of a loser to even try. How does it feel to be ignored?


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