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I know your little secret..I promice not to tell!! I know that ever since you were a little boy you have been digging around your mom's underwear drawer. Or maybe it started when you found your sister's panties and tried them on. Oh how wonderful and pretty they made you feel!! Do you remember that first time you felt that silky satiny panty on your skin? It felt so good that it made your little man clitty all hard!! Then, you tried on a bra. How you wish you had breasts to fill up those cups. Then, you found the thigh-high stockings and the garter belt. The feel of the silky thin nylon against your legs made you hard and ready! Then you dared to try one pair on, knowing if you were caught you would be in trouble, but you couldn't help it, you did it anyway. You felt like such a SISSY when you got them on all the way! So feminine! So pretty! So, well, you! That's when you knew - you knew who you were inside! You knew this is what you were MEANT to do! Who you were meant to be! Blouses. Shirts. Sweaters. Slacks. Skirts. Shorts. Dresses. Nighties. Gowns. Heels, and boots. And jewelry!!! You were happy when you had a few hours to yourself and could put on your own fashion show. But you are alone. You have no one to share this excitement with! You need someone to talk to about this deep-seated NEED to be a sissy. But, see I AM HERE!! I understand, I do not judge you. Together, we will explore this desire of yours, and we will find wonderful things for you to dress up in, and I will order you if need be, and we can delightfully enjoy your sissification together!! Call now, and let's have the fun begin!

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