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The Emasculator

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Are you craving the experience and intelligence of a mature woman that knows how to get inside your head and bring out the real you? A woman that knows how to push your buttons and make you admit your deepest, darkest secret desires?
I have been at the junior college for the last 10 years and around campus I am considered to be the Hot MILF, a "Cougar". Most of the young men there are quite taken with my sexy body and dominant presence. I am sure many of them have gone home and jerked off after being alone in my office with me.
In private I have a "Cuckold Prep School" designed to get under endowed, wimpy men ready to face their destiny. I enjoy teaching them how to successfully serve their wives needs. There is a very in depth training program to ensure the complete emasculation and servitude for those that are physically incapable of pleasuring their spouse.
Come and have a witty, intelligent chat with a mature woman that enjoys erotic, sexy conversation and can make you feel very comfortable talking about your wildest and most taboo desires. I am VERY open minded and non-judgemental so rest assured
your secrets are safe with me.

I am experienced in and enjoy exploring and talking about:
Humiliation & Degradation ~ Tease & Denial ~ CBT/Ball Busting
~ Forced Feminization/Sissification ~ Cuckold Training & Guidance
~ Dildo/Strap-on Training ~ Financial Servitude ~
Mental Masturbation ~ Chastity/Orgasm Control ~
Gloryhole Field Trips ~ Various Fantasies & Fetishes
(smoking, pantyose, stockings, etc)
~ Body, Foot, Ass Worship ~
and anything else you can dream of.

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