Phone Sex

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Financial Seduction/Torture ~Serious SUBS only~

First and is ALL about Me. You’ve waited your whole PATHETIC life for this moment.  I am the superior being who will take over your finances. You're too fucking stupid to make those decisions for yourself!  You will dedicate your existence to Me! Fuck your wife...Fuck your girlfriend...they mean nothing to Me!    I am a Goddess and I shall be your ONLY Goddess …EXCLUSIVELY … and you will serve Me, and Me alone.  Don’t let Me catch you worshipping another!  This is your only warning.   

Fill out an application IMMEDIATELY after you Listen To Me to make sure you qualify, and make your initial tribute. Then, and only then, may you call Me. HOWEVER, if you are serious about becoming my nasty little whore, it would be in your best interest to email Me and request LESSON #1 of your training! This VOICEMAIL RECORDING will briefly go over what I expect and the things you will need to continue with our lessons. It's approximately 5 minutes long and will help prepare you for your journey with me.  Without going through all these steps, I can not and WILL NOT take you seriously.  Go to My WEBSITE and read up! Be patient, the site is being updated. Assignments, My blog, and the "Slave of the Week" features will soon follow. So check back often! Perhaps you will venture so far as to try to be one of My obedient slaves to be featured. Send Me a photo or video of you, displaying you obedience and reverence. Obviously, if you have not begun your training by following the steps above, you will not be featured. You'll get what you need, when I say you need it.  

If you waste My time, I'll block your ass. Before I block you though...I will ignore you and let you pay dearly to hear Me laugh at you in the background as I humiliate and insult you.

  Don't fuck with Me...I don't have the time to waste.  If you know you can’t afford Me, move on to the next listing!  I rather get My hair done, My nails done, and buy a spectacular pair of fuck-Me shoes to walk all over you with. 

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS???? Did I not just tell you to "Fill out an application immediately and make your initial tribute"?  Time is wasting and I don't have any to spare. I want your $MONEY$ and I want it now. So get your ass in gear...!