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Lesbian in Lingerie: I Only Tease, I Never Please

Mistress Scarlet
  • 40 years old
  • 21 years BDSM experience
  • 100% lesbian, 100% dominant

Worship my stockings!

I am gorgeous, aggressive, intelligent, and bitchy. I control weak, sex-obsessed men with my beautiful body, sexy lingerie and devious mind. I have an amazing collection of vintage slips, wasp-waist corsets, silky panties, lacy bras, plus over 200 pairs of sheer stockings & designer pantyhose.

I am a true domina, not an actress. I have lived and traveled throughout Europe and the Americas, and am currently based in Minneapolis.

Worship my beauty!

When I'm available, you can call me live to discuss your particular fetish, purchase over 1000 photos of myself in vintage lingerie, pantyhose, stockings & fetish wear, or even request a custom photo shoot.

If your interests include long-term financial exploitation by a qualified, intelligent and articulate dominatrix, then let me know how to control you. What's your biggest weakness? Vintage lingerie, expensive La Perla bras, french-cut panties? Perhaps your have a penchant for garter belts or corsets. Maybe you get weak seeing me in a tiny bikini or tight workout wear. Or do you get stiff just thinking about sliding that cold, hard cash out of your pocket and slipping it into my stocking tops?

Wishlist Wishlist I keep my Amazon wishlist updated, so there are plenty of presents to choose from here.


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