Phone Sex

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Humiliation, domination, forced intoxication

I am a princess and a goddess. I have been using little piggies for my amusement since I was a child. Little boys ate dirt, cleaned my room, bought me jewelry, and followed my every command.

Sissy boys pay me to smell my filthy socks, pantyhose, and eat my filthy, foot smeared, toe jam filled cookies, and they can't get enough of me.

I own you, you will be my personal slave and fucktard, or you will not be permitted to be in the presence of my beauty. You will not ASK me to say or do anything. You *may* beg, but you are ultimately under my control and YOU will do as I say.

I will humiliate the shit out of your pathetic little curly-tailed ass and leave you begging for mercy. You will do what I order you to do, or I will hang up. Do not call me if you will not obey my every command. You will do whatever it takes to amuse me, you'll pay for it, and then thank me politely for even talking to you. You will prove to be that you are deserving of hearing my voice. Be ready to grovel, beg, and spill your wimpy little sissy guts, all while I verbally kick you in your little boy balls. You will be polite and compliant. You will treat me like the Goddesss that I am, and you will worship me on your knees. If you're a really lucky retard, I might let you see some more of my pictures.

You will pay to lick my shoes clean, and you will show your appreciation by sending me money and gifts. If you please your goddess, you may be rewarded, but first you must prove yourself to me. I will use you for my own personal amusement, I will take out my anger on you for as long as I feel like it because you are a pitiful little piggy and you deserve it. Be prepared to empty your bank account pig, I am an expensive princess and you will give me whatever I want.