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Kaitlyn XO Princess

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Who Am I? Not afraid to be frank as I'm not one to bite my tongue. Stubborn. Ambitious and serious. Sophisticated, a true Princess. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize yet can't take what I dish out. Hardworking and productive. Rather reserved and modest unless otherwise amused. Highly addictive. Melodramatic when I don't get what I want and over analyzes minor situations. Always a step ahead and hates to blend in with the crowd. A little bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleanliness and outward appearance. Judges people by the way they look. More concerned with my closet than my soul.

I am a homebody sometimes, but I also like to go out on the town and have a good time. I'm very social and I am always looking for some new activity to do with my friends. Also I love to be anywhere there's a camera nearby...

My Philosophy: There are two kinds of people... Those who live for others, and those who live for themselves. I live for myself. I do what makes me happy won't compromise my personality or desires for anyone! I drum to the beat of a different marcher. Yes, I have a rebellious personality. I have to be different from everyone else and stand out. I refuse to conform to society's pre-conceived notions.
I like to dress up a lot and my style is pretty sexy. Some people get the impression that I just want attention. I work hard to look the way that I do and I have every right to show it off. And yes, I LOVE attention but I shouldn't demand it as a true Princess. It's not concieted to know you're pure perfection!

My Flaws: Did you really think I had any? I can do no wrong. The many who wish to be ME say that I'm vain, self-centered, and selfish. It's true:) I swear a lot. I shop too much. I don't prioritize well. Oh and I spend a lot of time primping. I can get bitchy, especially if I'm not getting the attention I deserve. I have a bad temper. And sometimes I say really awful things that I don't mean... but for those who actually deserve it, I'm never sorry.

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-Kaitlyn XO Princess